Financial Planning

Our Fiduciary Approach to Financial Planning

SMC’s unique approach to Financial Planning – on demand, consistent and flexible:

  • Talk to a fiduciary advisor to discuss your goals, responsibilities, and fears.
  • Outline a 12-month schedule including frequency of meetings and reporting this is right for
    your circumstances and budget. We do not use retainer fees and do not sell financial products.
  • Access your unique client account for your key information in one secure location.
  • Customize the frequency and depth of our advisory services to suit your needs. No cancellation fees, no headaches! Your financial goals, your way!
  • We provide financial planning for Divorce.

How does your personal financial wellness look right now?

Take our free assessment to analyze your personal financial wellbeing:

Goal Setting and Risk Management

We document your earnings, insurance coverages, savings, liabilities, and investments. These components are integrated into fully understanding your lifetime goals and responsibilities.

Budget and Forecast Model

We incorporate your goals and responsibilities into forward-looking financial projection. The financial model provides snapshots of the client’s financial plan considering various economic scenarios and assumptions.


We coordinate with clients through remote and in-person meetings. At a minimum, we annually issue confidential financial reports to the client. Frequency of reporting is set at engagement and depends on the client’s financial complexity.


Please follow these links for our Form ADV Part 2 – Registered Investment Advisory Brochure per the 1940’s Investment Advisory Act and related Rules and Regulations. The brochure contains a comprehensive description of our financial planning and investment management services including benefits and costs.

ADV Part 2a Brochure
ADV Part 2b Supplements

Additional information about Seed Money Consulting also is available on the SEC’s website at Our firm’s name or CRD# 306209 can be used as a search term.